God of Love and Compassion,

You have called each of us as members of OCSBOA to a special role and ministry in our journey here on earth and within our own roles as business professionals with Catholic school board communities. We are sisters and brothers in your service, missionaries in the service of our students and Catholic education. May we always affirm and reflect in our daily responsibilities, the commitment to your work and carry out our duties with courage, compassion, kindness, and humility.

By ourselves we would never accomplish the task fully. But help us, O God, to realize that with the help and support of our Catholic community and partners, we can collaboratively, using our God-given talents, accomplish great things than we would ever have thought possible. Please help us to rely on, trust each other, and be one in mind and spirit. Please also help us to affirm signs of your presence for and with each other. We thank you and express gratitude for those who stand beside us as colleagues.

Always help us to remember that you are forever with us in our mission as servant leaders in Catholic education. With the guidance and support of your Holy Spirit, may we be ever attentive to the voice of your people. May we share our passion and expertise for our work ethically, morally, responsibly and with great prudence. May we always respect others and have a receptive heart.

Above all, we are disciples of Christ in the world today. We are a light to the world. Let our lights burn forever with your love in service of Catholic education.