Mission Statement

OCSBOA works collaboratively with our partners in Catholic education to foster members' professional development and networking, promote effective best management practices, and support Gospel values in service of Catholic education.

Purpose Statement

OCSBOA is a Catholic education partner established to support the professional development and networking of committed and compassionate school board business practitioners who demonstrate compassion and servant leadership their God-given talents and best, ethical practices in service of our students, Gospel values and protection of Catholic education.

Organizational Values

  • Collaborative, compassionate, transparent, and timely communications which respect Catholic values, as well as the dignity and views of members and educational stakeholders;
  • Courage, prudence and perseverance advocating for members' leadership development and professional growth in service and support of publicly funded Catholic education; and
  • Promote the networking of members to foster best school board business practices which comply with professional and statutory obligations, are consistent with public accountability standards, and uphold denominational rights.